International Children's Day

Channel your inner child and join us on Wednesday 1 June for lots of singing, dancing, colouring and cutting at the Centre for Polish Folklore. Entry to workshops is free of charge. Have fun with the family on International Children's Day 🙂
A group of Mazowsze dancers watching a male dancer dressed up as an elderly lady. His head is sticking out of a wicker basket on her back

Date and time

DATE: 01.06.2022

TIME: 18:00


Karolin - Centre for Polish Folklore
ul. Åšwierkowa 2
05-805 Otrębusy

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For families
For children


Entry is free of charge
For reservations, please contact us on:
+48 22 208 87 00, +48 605 501 770
or by e-mail: kontakt@karolinmazowsze.pl

Children sitting at a table, cutting shapes from paper. Coloured pencils and plastic cups are on the table
Folk Games and Dances
Folk games and dances often emerged from old customs and rites of passage. All village residents, irrespective of age, participated in them. Children, who helped their parents with farm work, took advantage of every opportunity to play. What did people do for fun in the past? During our workshops we'll be playing traditional Polish games, having a go at well-known folk dances and making some simple instruments.
Useful information
These workshops are particularly suitable for families and children 


90 minutes


Entry is free of charge 

Places are limited. To reserve yours, contact us:
tel: +48 22 208 87 00, +48 605 501 770
e-mail: kontakt@karolinmazowsze.pl