Summer travels with Mazowsze Ensemble and the Automotive and Technology Museum in Otrębusy

Summertime events in Karolin this year are themed around journeys. Join us on 20 August for workshops, talks and social dancing, as well as the chance to admire some beautiful vintage automobiles from the Automotive and Technology Museum in Otrębusy.

Date and time

DATE: 20.08.2022


ul. Świerkowa 2
05-805 Otrębusy

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Craft workshops – these are ticketed events
Mazowsze's Travels: talk – free entry with a ticket for the permanent exhibition
Social dance – this is a ticketed event
Vintage car rides – tickets can be purchased on the spot

Colour photograph of a dark blue Packard automobile. A chauffeur sits behind the wheel
Summer travels with the Automotive and Technology Museum in Otrębusy
What better way to travel than in a stunning vintage vehicle, brought to Karolin by our neighbours at the Automotive and Technology Museum in Otrębusy? On Saturday 20 August between 12 and 6pm, you can admire Packard, Oakland and Horch automobiles in our stunning palace grounds, and even take a ride around the area. This event marks the beginning of a partnership with the Automotive and Technology Museum.
Colour photograph – close-up of a colourful “pająk” hanging decoration
Craft workshops
Learning new skills generally makes for an exciting journey in itself! At 12pm join us for a three hour worskshop during which we'll be making colourful "pająki" - traditional hanging decorations made using straw and crepe paper. We'll talk about what these looked like and how they were made in different regions, using this as inspiration to create our own designs which can then be hung around the home.
Colour photograph of twelve people dressed in folk costume walking along the Plaza de España in Madrid
From the Mazowsze Archive
A kaleidoscope of stunning, rich and interesting cosumes; choreography worthy of classical ballet; the most wonderful folk and court dances; an ensemble of beautiful artists... elegance and livliness - this is Mazowsze from Poland... The Sunday Times, Perth (Australia), August 1967. Mazowsze Ensemble has been delighting audiences around the world for over seventy years. At 4pm, we'll be talking about the group's travels, memorable concerts and tours. Films and photographs from the Mazowsze Archive will provide a point of entry into our discussions, which will be led by artists and instructors from Mazowsze Ensemble.
Colour photograph – a group of people standing in a column, one behind the other, with their left legs out to the side
Social dance and workshop
At 6pm we'll set off on a musical journey across Poland, learning some of the most well-known and loved Polish folk dances. The evening's dancing will be led by experienced teachers, Piotr and Bogumiła Zgorzelscy and Trampolka Folk Band. No prior knowledge is required - we guarentee a fun-filled evening! Tickets for the social dance can be purchased at the Centre for Polish Folklore in Karolin or online.