Karolin Christmas Market

Christmas is coming to Karolin, so join us for a weekend filled with festive spirit! Do your Christmas shopping at our market, with plenty of regional specialities and folk-inspired arts and crafts to choose from, or join our Christmas craft workshops and surprise your loved ones with handmade gifts. On both days we’ll be showing Mazowsze’s signature Christmas production, "Betlejem Polskie".

Date and time

DATE: 10.12.2022 - 11.12.2022


The Tadeusz Sygietyński National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble in Karolin
ul. Świerkowa 2
05-805 Otrębusy

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Entry to the market is free of charge
The concert and worskops are ticketed events

Christmas decorations at a Christmas Market. Shoppers browse in the background.
Karolin Christmas Market
For the eighth year running, you’ll be able to do your Christmas shopping here in Karolin, with plenty of great gift ideas at your fingertips. There’ll also be stalls with Christmas decorations and plenty of edible specialities too!
The Christmas Market will be open on Saturday 10 December and Sunday 11 December from 11am to 8pm. Entry is free of charge.
Poster advertising Mazowsze's production, "Betlejem Polskie". Four men dressed as horses pulling a sleigh are watched by girls in regional folk costume
“Betlejem Polskie”
Performances of Lucjan Rydel’s “Betlejem Polskie” (Polish Bethlehem), Mazowsze's signature Christmas Show, are sure to be highlights of the weekend. Over 150 actors, singers, dancers and musicians will be taking part in this production, which is set in three time periods: the present day, in Poland’s past and in biblical times. Alluding to key moments in Polish history, the action in “Betlejem Polskie” takes place against a backdrop of Polish landscapes and historical events, including the banishments to Siberia and the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Nonetheless, it is a colourful show, full of dancing, singing and humour, featuring the most well-known and loved Polish Christmas carols, choruses of angels and, of course, the Holy Family.

Please note that this production is in Polish.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office, or through our website: www.mazowsze.waw.pl

Close up of a "podłaźniczka" decoration - Christmas tree branches decorated with handmade baubles made from straw, tissue paper and Christmas wafer
Christmas Workshops
Christmas craft workshops will be taking place at the Centre for Polish Folklore during the weekend. On Saturday  we’ll be making Christmas tree decorations inspired by the folk art of the Podlasie region; this workshop is ideal for families. On Sunday, however, we’ll be putting our Christmas creativity to the test, designing and making festive wreaths. For more information about these workshops please see the event descriptions on the “What’s New” page of our website.