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Centre for Polish Folklore

“In order to relay the whole truth about people,
we must come to know the land on which they live.” Tadeusz Sygietyński

The History of Karolin Palace

The history of Karolin Palace can be traced back to the early twentieth century, when the Association for Medical Assistance and Care of the Mentally and Nervously Sick elected to build a sanatorium on land it had been granted by local landowner, Feliks Bobrowski. Construction began in 1909 with support from his widow, Karolina Bobrowska, from whom Karolin takes its name. The palace, designed by architect Czesław Domaniewski, was completed in 1911.
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Karolin - Centre for Polish Folklore

The Centre for Polish Folklore in Karolin was born out of passion and respect for traditional folk culture. The education centre in the restored palace is a continuation of the mission of the founders of ‘Mazowsze’ National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble. Renowned composer, conductor and educator Tadeusz Sygietyński, and Mira Zimińska, star of screen and stage, decided over seventy years ago that their ambition would be to create an ensemble inspired by Polish regional songs and dances. Today, ‘Mazowsze’ is one of the biggest folk-inspired artistic ensembles in the world. In its historic home – Karolin Palace – visitors are invited to view its collections and to share in its knowledge and experience.
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About Us

"One must love what one does, or life loses its purpose..."
Mira Zimińska-Sygietyńska

Our team is formed of passionate and experienced historians, educators, guides and artists, who are committed to carrying out and fulfilling the Centre’s programmes and projects on a daily basis.

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Marta Wiśniewska – kierownik
Wioletta Milczuk – zastępca kierownika