Mazowsze’s Costumes: Stories and Secrets PART 4
In part 4 of this series, Katarzyna Klepacz discusses costumes which were added to Mazowsze's collection in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Photos and editing: Tomasz Ostrowski, Paweł Sobkowicz
Mazowsze’s Costumes: Stories and Secrets PART 3
In the third episode of the series, we focus on costumes which were prepared for what became known as Mazowsze Ensemble’s “Second Premiere” in 1956.

Photos and editing: Tomasz Ostrowski, Paweł Sobkowicz
Mazowsze’s Costumes: Stories and Secrets PART 2
In the second episode of the series, Katarzyna Klepacz discusses the earliest of Mazowsze Ensemble’s costumes – those from the regions of Opoczno, Kurpie, Sieradz and Łowicz.

Photos and editing: Tomasz Ostrowski, Paweł Sobkowicz
Mazowsze’s Costumes: Stories and Secrets PART 1
The first in a series of conversations with Katarzyna Klepacz, who looked after Mazowsze Ensemble’s costumes for over 60 years. In it she talks about her time in Karolin and discusses the manner in which Mazowsze Ensemble has acquired and produced its legendary costumes.

Photos and editing: Tomasz Ostrowski, Paweł Sobkowicz
Night of the Museums 2023
During this year’s Night of the Museums in Karolin we stepped into the thrilling world of Polish folk tales and legends. Take a look at the evening in Karolin Palace!

Photos: Tomasz Ostrowski, Paweł Sobkowicz
Editing: Tomasz Ostrowski
Discover Karolin
Director: Tomasz Kempski 
Photos: Tomasz Ziółkowski 
Steadicam: Michał Kluszczyński 
Produced by By People Films

Tomasz Kempski specialises in advertising and arthouse films. He is fascinated by contradictions. In art, he seeks out silence and noise. Tomek believes that the best stories are those told by children. He emphasises that less is more.
Mazowsze in Iceland
Mazowsze has been promoting Polish art and culture throughout the world since the earliest years of its existence. The ensemble’s 281st trip abroad was to Iceland. During its first and long-anticipated visit to the island, the choir and orchestra performed a selection of carols as well as their best-known songs, including included Cyt, cyt and the famous Furman.

Written and directed by Paweł Pochwała
“A Kaleidoscope of Polish Colours”
This is Mazowsze’s flagship concert, and the essence of what the ensemble has been presenting on the world’s stages for the past seventy years. A whirlwind of colours, song, dance and music which leaves an unforgettable impression, the programme includes the most popular songs and most captivating choreographies from the ensemble’s repertoire. Performers wear beautiful costumes inspired by Polish traditional dress from up to twenty Polish ethnographic regions. The dynamic Oberek from Opoczno is a staple of the programme.
The Oberek from Opoczno
The oberek is one of Poland’s most popular and well-known traditional dances. The music to this oberek was composed by Tadeusz Sygietyński while the dance was choreographed by eminent pedagogue and choreographer, Eugeniusz Papliński. The ensemble performed the Oberek from Opoczno for the first time during their debut performance on 6 November 1950 at the Polish Theatre in Warsaw. A few years later, during their Parisian tour, Mazowsze gave a remarkable performance of the Oberek on the terrace of the Palais de Chaillot.