Social dance with a folk band from the Opoczno region

On Saturday 8th October we'll be hosting a social dance with music from the Opoczno region. We will be joined by Roman Wojciechowski's celebrated band, who'll be delighting us with traditional melodies and songs from Opoczno. Get ready to dance the polka, walczyk and oberek!
Three musicans in costumes from the Opoczno region in front of a wooden outbuilding, holding instruments: the violin, Polish accordion and drum

Date and time

DATE: 08.10.2022

TIME: 18:00


Karolin - Centre for Polish Folklore
ul. Świerkowa 2
05-805 Otrębusy

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This is a ticketed event
For reservations, please contact us on:
+48 22 208 87 00, +48 605 501 770
or by e-mail: kontakt@karolinmazowsze.pl

Na parkiecie trzech mężczyzn grających na instrumentach, przed nimi stoją mikrofony. Mężczyźni ubrani są w kostiumy ludowe
Roman Wojciechowski's band
Roman Wojciechowski's band is one of the most well-known and highly esteemed folk bands in central Poland. It is made up of three musicians: the band leader, Roman Wojciechowski - violin, Radosław Biniek – three-row accordion and Bogdan Lipski –drums, who have been playing together since 2002. The band has a rich repertoire of folk melodies from the regions of Rawa and Opoczno. 
As well as performing locally at social dances, events and competitions, the band has been recorded by Polish Radio, features in the Oscar-nominated film "Cold War" and has won numerous awards at the celebrated Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny. This year, the band were recipients of the prestigious Oskar Kolberg Award.
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3 hours

40 zł per person


tel: +48 22 208 87 00, +48 605 501 770
e-mail: kontakt@karolinmazowsze.pl