Opole Easter Eggs - Craft Workshop

A Polish Easter would not be complete without intricately decorated eggs. Particularly well-known are “kroszonki” from the Opole region, which are made by scratching intricate patterns onto dyed eggs. The ideal Easter gift or decoration, don’t miss the chance to create your unique own egg at this special craft workshop.
"Kroszonki" - dyed eggs decorated by scratching patterns on the shells with a sharp utensil

Date and time

DATE: 17.03.2024


Centrum Folkloru Polskiego „Karolin”
ul. Świerkowa 2
05-805 Otrębusy

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Workshops will be held at 12:00 and 14:00
They are ticketed events.

Scratching patterns on a dyed egg using a sharp utensil
Opole Easter Eggs
This workshop will be led by Ms. Sabina Karwat, a member of the Folk Artists’ Association, who has been creating Opole “kroszonki” for decades. During the session, we’ll talk about typical patterns used on the eggs, and learn how to decorate our eggs using the special “scratching” technique. Workshops will take place at 12.00 and 14.00; contact us to reserve your place. Please note that sharp utensils will be used!
Ms Sabina Karwat holding a "kroszonka" - a dyed egg decorated suing the scratching technique
Useful information:
40 zł per person

approx. 90 mins

Places are limited. To reserve yours, contact us:
tel: +48 22 208 87 00, +48 605 501 770
e-mail: kontakt@karolinmazowsze.pl