Part of a woman’s head - her nose, smiling lips - and upper body, dressed in costume from the Łowicz region
Education Without Barriers
We work hard to ensure that The Centre for Polish Folklore in Karolin is accessible to all. We are committed to inclusivity and aim to make our experiences – as well as our listed building – as accessible as possible.
The entrance to the Centre for visitors with mobility impairments is located in the passageway between Karolin Palace and the Chamber Hall. The staircase leading to the exhibition is equipped with two platform lifts. There is a lift in the Centre to facilitate movement between floors. Galleries have been designed to enable access to exhibits.

We organise guided tours, educational sessions and workshops for visitors with disabilities. The activities we offer for organised groups can be adapted according to individual needs. If you would like to visit the Centre for Polish Folklore, please contact us and let us know about your group’s requirements so we can plan your visit and any assistance which may be helpful.

To book a visit or for further information, contact us on: +48 22 208 87 00 or +48 605 501 770
(Mondays – Fridays between 9am and 3pm) or by email: