A smiling couple in costumes from the Łowicz region standing in front of Karolin Palace gesture towards the open front door, inviting visitors into the Centre for Polish Folklore
General Admission
Explore our exhibition at your own pace or with one of our guides. Most visitors spend approximately an hour viewing the permanent exhibition. Last entry to the Centre is 30 minutes before closing time.

Ticket Prices
Private Guided Tours
Would you like to learn more? Our specialist guides help you immerse yourself deeper in Polish culture, folklore and history, sharing fascinating facts and captivating stories about the exhibition.
  • Tour Guide (Polish) - 120 zł + valid ticket for the permanent exhibition
  • Tour Guide (English) - 150 zł + valid ticket for the permanent exhibition
Foreign language tours for individual visitors can be arranged subject to prior reservation (at least 3 days before your planned visiting date).

To book your guided tour, contact us on:
+48 22 208 87 00 or +48 605 501 770
(Mondays – Fridays between 9am and 4pm) or by email: kontakt@karolinmazowsze.pl
Close-up of a woman with her hands on her hips dressed in folk costume from the Sanniki region – a green bodice, white blouse, red cuffs and striped skirt.
Learning Sessions and Workshops
The Centre for Polish Folklore runs learning sessions and workshops throughout the year, which are held in the palace or in its grounds. The permanent exhibition and collections provide a point of entry into discussions about traditional culture, the Polish national dances, folk music and traditional instruments, the history of folk dance, regional dress and the work of Mazowsze Song and Dance Ensemble.

The duration and cost of sessions depend on their length and the nature of the event. Visit the What's On section of our website to find out about upcoming events and to book your place on one of our workshops.
The Centre for Polish Folklore organises meetings with folk artists and artisans, members of Mazowsze Song and Dance Ensemble and regional folk bands and musicians.
  • Workshops for families
Have fun together discovering folklore, honing your skills and releasing your creative energy. These workshops are designed for families with children aged 6-12 and are held in the exhibition space or in dedicated workshop rooms.

  • Creative workshops for adults and young people
Put your manual capabilities to the test, learn new skills and try your hand at traditional folk art and crafts. These sessions are led by experienced artisans and artists and by qualified instructors. Workshops are held in the exhibition space or in dedicated workshop rooms.  

  • Song and dance workshops, dances and concerts
These events are open to everyone – regardless of previous dancing and singing experience – who would like to discover more about Polish traditional song, dance and music. Join us in Karolin to immerse yourselves in folk music, try out Polish national and regional dances, to meet folk musicians as well as artists and instructors from Mazowsze Ensemble.
  • Lectures and discussions
Lectures and discussions for adults and young people are themed around the exhibition and collections. We organise meetings with ethnographers, folklorists, musicologists, historians and artists.

  • Tours and park walks
Join our tours of the Centre for Polish Folklore and Karolin Park to immerse yourself in Polish culture and to discover the fascinating history of Mazowsze Ensemble and its historic home - Karolin.
For information about sessions for schools and other organised groups, visit the  Group Visits section of our website.

To find out more, please contact us on
+48 22 208 87 00 or +48 605 501 770 or by email: kontakt@karolinmazowsze.pl